Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs


You’ve been doing an excellent job of putting your needs behind those of the people you love, but don’t get too carried away! It’s more important than ever for you to balance selfishness and selflessness, because neither one is a good quality all by itself. Going out of your way for the benefit of others is a good way to make people appreciate you, but it could also send the wrong message about who you are and how much respect you deserve.


Today you should focus on improving your physical health—from eating better to getting more exercise, you need to start making some lifestyle changes. They don’t have to be huge adjustments, but they do have to be significant enough to require some effort. The buddy system might be a good way to go with this project. Exercising with someone else will be fun, and it will be a great way to keep a relationship healthy as well.


Feeling your feelings is only half of your task today—you have to share your feelings, too. Opening up about your fears and worries can leave you feeling vulnerable, but it can also take a huge burden off your shoulders. Talk to someone today about what your emotions are doing to you, and you might just be surprised at how much better you feel. You don’t have to seek the comfort of someone who knows you well—sometimes, the less someone knows about you, the safer he or she can make you feel.