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I am a UK based psychic empath, card reader and life coach. Being psychic runs in both sides of my family and can be traced back by at least 4 generations. I Became aware of my psychic abilities at the age of 4. I would see things in water, sometimes just pictures, sometimes it was like a movie and my guides would communicate with me this way. Since then, I have spent my life studying and practising various forms of divination, along with honing my natural psychic & spiritual healing abilities.

I have various cards which I use during my readings, including my very own Oracle deck, designed by myself. I read by seeing, hearing and feeling and I have experience in remote viewing and psychic development. To list a few more of my psychic skills, I can work freehand/ no tools and I can work with my guides. I can also use crystal ball, crystals, numerology, pendulum, runes, colour therapy and tea leaves.

When you come through to me, I will approach you calmly. I try to take it at your own pace and not overwhelm you. Readings should be a guiding light not something to be feared.

I love absolutely everything to do with Japan and Japanese culture. So I'm often found watching anime, playing a Japanese video game or with my nose in a manga. Along with that I'm avid comic book fan, my favourite hero being Spider-Woman. I also love playing with technology and also taking things apart to experiment.

My inspirational quote is “with great power ALSO comes great responsibility” - Ben Parker


10+ years professional experience as a psychic online & in the media. Certified divination master. Certified life coach. Certified advanced law of attraction coach.






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