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AT the age of 11 years, I got frustrated by thinking about the triangle of God , Universe and Human. I started reading literature about super natural powers and connecting with others. With in 10 years I felt that I have magnetic powers to foresee the future. I have born with magnetic characteristics to get connected with others' hearts and brains. I have passed all the toughest phases of Hypnotism. I have been doing concentration meditation exercises since 2005 - from Black Dot Gazing to Sun Gazing.


I have worked with Bitwine and Oranum 7 years before now I am activating my profile with the sites again. I have been working as a trainer and psychic as a professional physically since 18 years. I am attaching my detailed profile document for your consideration. I have strong proficiency in speaking and writing and English. I have changed the lives of  thousands of humans by seminars, training one to one counseling. I master in EFT tapping techniques.

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Reader, Rieki Master, Hypnost, Master Trainer, individual and group counselor, careers expert, Neuro Linguistic Programmer and Positive thinker.


Reiki, Palm Reading, Handwriting Reading







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Likes , Books Reading, Training Videos, Counseling

Dislikes , Back biting, Negative thinking


My body is a conductor to receive energies from the whole universe which I can flow towards others to convert all negatives of their life into positivity . My sympathetic heart can feel pains and my power brain is capable of absorbing those for eternal peace of others.


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