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I am Loucindaanne I have been an intuitive psychic for 15 yrs i do readings through my psychic senses and thought and also do the tools such as tarots cards

pendulums, crystals, runes, etc.. i believe with these gifts that i can help you all and can give you guildlines to follow the right path that you are seeking for in your life

please do drop by my chat room and come seek me for some guildence pleasure to get know you.


i have experience to help everyone that come to seek me for some advice.i have helped out family friends neigbours and friends of freinds

throught out my 15yrs as an psychic they are happy with the guildence they have seek from me and they have follow they path to success.

if you need any help in guildence do come by my chat room and have a visit and get to know me thank you

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i perform a full depth of a reading with my guildence and my senses and thoughts and with the help of my tools



cards pendulums crystals runes







Like and dislike

dislikes rudeness bad manners disrespects lies etc

Likes musics dancing walking on the beach passion in what i do and enjoy helping others and doing performings

weddings engagements smiles having fun jokes etc.


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