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I am a 3rd generation psychic preceded by mother and grandmother before me. My mother is a gifted psychic and tarot reader who began teaching me how to use my natural abilities and psychic intuition at an early age. She passed down to me the spiritual principles of Wicca and gifted me my first tarot deck at the age of 12. My grandmother was a well known “boardwalk psychic” and was also known in the community as the village witch or “crazy black cat lady”. These strong beautiful women taught me how to hone my intuition and develop my psychic abilities. Just as we all must sharpen our skills and abilities to survive in this ever changing world, I have learned to manage and adapt my psychic gifts of clairvoyance, precognizance, intuition, and empathy. I have now been practicing tarot and various methods of divination for over 20 years. I started out reading for friends and family and people in my community at a local magic shop. I began reading professionally around this time and have read at countless events, parties, and psychic fairs. I have been doing telephone, chat, email, and video chat readings for almost 12 years now. I have also been offering professional Psychic Intuitive Drawing Readings since I graduated with my Fine Arts degree in 2010. Having mastered my psychic gifts and abilities, I am experienced and fully qualified to help you succeed and thrive in love/ relationships, career/ business/ finance/ prosperity, LGTBQ+ issues, and all other matters in life. I am authentic and honest in my readings. I will tell you the truth without sugar coating, but I will always be compassionate. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do your research and read up on my skills and experience. I look forward to reading for you!


I have over 15 years of experience in spiritual healings and connections with other realms. I am a medical intuitive, I can sense and feel how your body feels. I work with healing crystals and teach how to use their healing properties. I specialize in past life readings, relationships, and dream analysis. I can communicate with your loving pets, and the ones that have passed. I can read energy, auras, chakra, and teach meditation using mantras and prayers. I’ve practiced Feng Shui for 15 years, I can show you how to bring and move energy around in your household with a positive flow of energy, thoughts, and fortune.

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I am love relationship expert, I have been advising people since 2012, I am highly experienced psychic adviser and tarot card reader.


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