Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


ZodiacRaaz is a platform operated by the Psychics community. Everyone has questions and needs spiritual advice sometimes. Our top live streaming psychic advisors are here to provide the guidance, answers, and clarity you need, whenever you need it. try a live chat reading with any of our gifted psychics, astrologers, or Tarot readers today.

Please read the Terms of Use carefully. These Terms apply to your access and use of the ZodiacRaaz website applications (collectively referred to as “Service”) and any information, text, graphics, photographs, or other materials that are downloaded or appear in the Service. By accessing or using the Service, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions described in this Agreement. If you do not agree with all these terms and conditions, you may not use the Service. The terms "you" and "your" refer to an individual user of the Service on ZodiacRaaz

User Agreements 

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, you acknowledge and warrant the following:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • The information provided during registration is true, accurate, and complete, and you agree to keep it up to date for the duration of the Agreement.
  • You are ready to provide the necessary minimum information for the provision of the Services.
  • You agree not to use the Service for illegal purposes.
  • You undertake not to obstruct the operation of the Service using malicious software or in any other way that could damage the Service.
  • You agree not to try obtaining information about other Users of the Service.
  • While exchanging files within the Service, you agree to independently check them for viruses.
  • ZodiacRaaz has the right to stop the exchange of any information between the participants of the Service and/or at any time remove any content uploaded by the User.
  • You agree not to allow someone who is not you to use your account, username, or password at any time.
  •  You shall abide by all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations and, if you represent a business, any advertising, marketing, privacy, or other self-regulatory code(s) applicable to you. You understand that you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and user name and any other security information related to your account.

User rights

The user has the right to forbid ZodiacRaaz processing his personal information for marketing purposes.

The user can request an update of his personal information, and also has the right to request all information about him stored on the servers of ZodiacRaaz to be deleted. In order to do this, he needs to contact ZodiacRaaz via email: support@zodiacraaz.com

Fees and Payments

ZodiacRaaz Providing Free and Paid Service.  Public Chat And Free Chat

Public Chat 

Users will not charge for Public chat. It's free of cost for each user( guest and registered user) to have a free public chat for satisfaction before the user joins advisor for a paid chat.

Private Show 

Only registered user can request for a private chat after adding credits their account on zodiacraaz.com. Each adviser has different rates which apply for private chat pay/min.

Fees and Payment Private Show Cost

1. You understand any and all fees, expenses, and payments for any Transaction shall be arranged directly between you and the Advisor.

2. You understand that ZodiacRaaz does not collect, nor store payment and/or credit card information from you and that all payments are facilitated separately by PayPal, or any third party payment or service facility used by ZodiacRaaz.

3. You understand that any and all credit card, bank, or other payment information supplied by you to pay for any Transaction is transmitted directly to PayPal or any third party payment or service facility used by ZodiacRaaz, which processes, stores, and otherwise uses such information in order to facilitate payment to an Advisor.

4. You agree that you will be subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions as well as privacy policy.

5. You understand that all pricing, rates, and fees for any Transaction are set by the applicable Advisor and that ZodiacRaaz does not set any such pricing, rates, and fees.

6. You agree to ensure that at all times all credit card and payment information supplied by you is accurate and correct and kept updated with PayPal or any third party payment or service facility used by ZodiacRaaz and that you are fully authorized to use such credit card and payment information and PayPal account (or account with any third party payment or service facility used by ZodiacRaaz) for purposes of paying for any Transaction.

7. You understand that once you make payment for any and all Transactions, you will not seek to cancel, chargeback, or otherwise seek a refund on any basis that is fraudulent, misleading, or untrue.

8. You understand that all payments are final and that ZodiacRaaz offers no refunds.

All interactions between Users and Advisors are paid through online channels. You agree to abide by the agreed pricing terms and pay all ZodiacRaaz fees for the Services, provided by Advisors.

You directly authorize the payment of all commissions for each transaction that occurs under your account.

Any credit purchased by a user that hasn't been used will be nullified after six months.

ZodiacRaaz has the right to refuse to provide the service to the User, returning the paid amount in any convenient way.


For information about how we protect your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy which is not part of the Customer Terms and Conditions


Third-Party  websites 

ZodiacRaaz can use others' products useable materials, however does not have the power to control their work. The support may have within connections to others' products useable materials, giving advertisements, special offers, or any other events/actions that are not owned or controlled by ZodiacRaaz. ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for the news given had within on others' products resources and the services they offer. moving to an others' products useable materials and or coming to a decision about to use the Services of an others' products useable materials, the user takes to be true all responsibility for possible dangers and clearly frees, let's go ZodiacRaaz from any Liability 1 connected with the use of others' products resources and any services they give. In addition, the user frees, let's go ZodiacRaaz from responsibility for taking-part in advertisements or any other events put into order by others' product supports, as well as for payment and things taken round to of any goods. using others' product supports, the user is in agreement that ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind related to his effect on one another with others' product resources.

Intellectual property

ZodiacRaaz grants users a limited, able to put an end to, non-exclusive, non-sublicensed, non-transferable License  to the way in and use the Service and or the way in or use the what is in received through the Service.

Limitations of Liability

You are in agreement that under no circumstances ZodiacRaaz will be responsible for any straight to, roundabout, incidental, actual, punitive, or coming after first or chief damages, including those related to

  • The act of having no error, being complete, or what is in of the Service.
  • The act of having no error, being complete, or what is in of others' products services related to ZodiacRaaz (for example, through hyperlinks flag advertisements, and so on. ).
  • The services on condition that by the ZodiacRaaz.
  • The services on condition that by others' product resources related to the band of sky psychics, for example, through hyperlinks, giving advertisement flags, and so on. ).
  • using the services of ZodiacRaaz and or coming here-after the opinion of the one giving an opinion, as an outcome of which the user is faced with physical damage or material losses.
  • Unauthorized make use of or use of ZodiacRaaz computers and the news given stored on them, including personal and money business facts of users.
  • Termination of the statement in the law of services by the Service or others' products resources had a relation with, for example, through hyperlinks, giving advertisement flags, etc.
  • Any ill-will, bad software  that may be sent to the Service and related others' products useable materials, for example, via hyperlinks, flag advertisements, etc
  • Any user what is in that is damaging to a good name, offensive, obscene, dirty (writing, pictures), damaging to persons not old enough in the law to act and or unsupported groups of the group or any other unpleasing nature.
  • The going before limiting condition of Liability 1 makes a request in full, in agreement with able to be used law and remains well-based after the end of the term, ending of the agreement or end of the use of the services of ZodiacRaaz.

The user is in agreement to put forward arguments for, act in a balancing way, make a payment, and place in the ship for goods ZodiacRaaz free from any kind of damage, wounds, claims, and Court decisions related to

  • Any breaking of the user's obligations.
  • Users saying no to money given for work for the on condition that Service.
  • Posting having a tendency of wrong use, obscene, or otherwise not right for the purpose content.
International Use

Using the Service in areas where what is in on condition that is taken into account as against the law is stopped. If the user still uses the support, he is one and only responds to the nearby authorities.


ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for the act of having no error and a good outcome of any moves, recommendations, and opinions received through the place on the net. You say one has had and especially be in agreement that you take to be true all the dangers connected with the place on the net and the services on condition that through it. The place on the net and services on condition that through the ZodiacRaaz place on the net is on condition that "as is" without a statement that goods are in good condition of any kind and are put forward one and only for amusement purposes.ZodiacRaaz Disclaims any gives support to (a statement) related to the place on the net or the services on condition that through it, and is not responsible for the qualifications of ones giving opinion and the quality of the services they provide.ZodiacRaaz does not give support to (a statement) that the services on condition that through the place on the net will be free from the tendency in a certain direction, defects, errors, hearing a private talk on purpose or interception. By using this place on the net, you take in the terms of this statement of not and be in agreement that: Any use of the answers and recommendations got from a psychic 8 is at your own danger and danger.ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for any damage caused by coming here-after the recommendations got from the Advisor.ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for the act of having no error, being complete, or what is in of the news given on condition that on the band of sky psychics place in the net or any other related sites (for example, through hyperlinks 3 or giving advertisement banners). No news given got from ones giving an opinion, special to some science or trade Support experts or any other employees of ZodiacRaaz can be taken into account as money business or lawful advice.ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for the not with authority way in or use of our computers and the news given stored on them.ZodiacRaaz is not responsible for damage caused by ill-will, bad software 5 sent from others' products sites (for example, through hyperlinks or giving advertisement banners).

By using the services of the place on the net, you put into words be in agreement to keep safe ZodiacRaaz from any loss and damage that the company may cause as an outcome of your question or answer to it. The going before the statement of not of statements that goods are in good condition makes a request in all cases permitted by law and remains in effect after the ending of this agreement or the ending of its word of having force in law, as well as the ending of the use of the ZodiacRaaz place in the net or the services on condition that through it


ZodiacRaaz may make ready the user with a letter making a note or other notes about changes in this Agreement and or changes in any point of view of the public organization, by email, regular mail, or by posting news given on the ZodiacRaaz place in the net. The day of receipt shall be the day of letting in such notification.

The user may not re-assign his rights or obligations in agreement with this Agreement without the before the written agreement of ZodiacRaaz.This Agreement forms the complete agreement between ZodiacRaaz and the User.

No Amendments to this Agreement will move into force unless they are made in writing. If any statement in the law of this Agreement is taken in by a Court of having the necessary qualities Jurisdiction 10 as against the law, invalid, not able to be put into operation or otherwise opposite to law, the still in the same way statements in the law of this Agreement will keep being in full force and effect.

All services on condition that and with nothing wrong to them are the property of ZodiacRaazBy using the ZodiacRaaz support you be in agreement with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

ZodiacRaaz may edit or modify anything on the Site or Services without notice

ZodiacRaaz is committed to delivering positive user experience and you understand that ZodiacRaaz reserves the right (but without undertaking any duty) to edit, monitor, review, delete, modify, or move any content or material provided or placed on or though the Site and the Services in its sole discretion, without notice and without undertaking any duty to do so.

You are responsible for accepting updated versions of the Site and Services

1. If ZodiacRaaz provides updated versions of the Site and the Services and you do not accept these updated versions, you may not enjoy the most recent content, feature sets, and materials.

2. If you do not accept updated versions of the Site and Services, ZodiacRaaz shall not bear any responsibility or liability for your decision.