Psychic Setup

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How to use Psychic chat room


Personal Information

Ascertain you will not apportion any contact or website address to any user or psychic performer. Keep remembering we have a very unique system which can detect and filter your quota words about the address or phone number or any website name even it will in parts everything will be detected by our system. Munificently eschew to apportion contact. Any type of contact is not sanctioned to apportion.

Visiting rooms

Please don’t visit other psychics rooms to get or share any information with them. Just fixate on your chat room and handle your clients or wait for the client to join you

Profile Details

Please ascertain Your all of the information which you have provided us it’s your own and you are not utilizing any fictitiously unauthentic information or other people photos or identifications info. Please provide your own correct information in the required sections of your profile. If your profile details will match with someone other profile then your profile will veto with substantial reasons.

Profile Picture

Please Use your own Picture. Later on, we will review all of the advisers which adviser was used fake photo his account will be suspended forever without giving any chance. So use your own photo and make sure you upload your High-quality HD color photo with professional or white background. If you have trouble to fix your picture in profile then please contact to support

Your behavior

We request you please keep your behave so nice with every user if someone disturbing you then you can kick him or ban him only those cases when they are talking other things not about reading. If someone kept misbehaving with you then please report us and don’t say any bad words. Try to convince a user to be friendly with you and understand you easily

Qualification (Skills)

If we found your stalling time during private chats or providing bad reading service your profile will ban for 3 months. After that you can give one test reading then we will give you a chance if you will pass the test. 

Online Time

If You want to work with us then you will need to spend at least 25 Hours /week. If you agree with this term then you can keep work with us otherwise we wish you all the best.