About us

About us

Everyone has questions and needs spiritual advice sometimes. Our top live streaming psychic advisors are here to provide the guidance, answers, and clarity you need, whenever you need it. Get 10 FREE credits to try a live chat reading with any of our gifted psychics, astrologers, or Tarot readers today!

Our website computer address is https://zodiacraaz.com  The ZociacRaaz is a spiritual website which offers live video and audio chat with psychics about diverse topics such as Tarot and cards, clairvoyance, astrology, Horoscope, Psychic readings and much more. Our talented  Psychic performing artist is here to guide the people in their life story path and for removing their mental confusion. ZodiacRaaz limited yield your privacy very solemnly, venerating the confidentiality and integrity of any info that you provide us as a utilizer (every user ) of this site Accommodation. We explained the limitation  for the user of our site so  Please first of all review our Privacy Policy thoroughly

We have experience providing online psychics readings. We launched this website to increase our talent
for worldwide users..zodiacraaz is for Entertainment purpose s only. We offered public chat and Private chats with Psychics readers. Public chat is completely free we create this function for the users to test the psychics if a user will satisfied with Psychic adviser then He/she can join this psychic in the private chat room where only user and psychic will get access for chat and user will able to get answers of his/her questions. This is a short info about it here, You can read terms and conditions where we explained other things about it. Every user needs to first accept terms and conditions to use our website service. We hired the psychics by
test reading with a highly talented psychic adviser. You can use our service if you are interested in it.

Before Use our website We kindly ask you to accept our terms and conditions

Terms and conditions 

Contact us at help@zodiacraaz.com